Mechanical application of our Thermal Processing capabilities

Thermal Processing Machinery

The Thermal Processing Machine is designed to be used for the following applications:

1. Thermal Insertion
2. Heatstaking
3. Thermal Degating
4. Thermal Stamping

Thermal Insertion

Thermal Inserting is a process by which, a knurled brass threaded insert is heated and pressed into a hollow plastic boss. Below are two examples of machines we built for Thermal Inserting.  
  • Key Benefits
  • Examples
1. Multiple inserts can be pressed in at once (as opposed as one at a time with ultrasonic inserting)
2. More cost efficient when compared to multiple ultrasonic welders
3. No horns or converters to worry about
4. Easier serviceability

Thermal Stamping

Thermal Stamping is a self-describing process where a heated Stamp Wheel is used to serialize or date stamp plastic components.

Thermal Degating

Thermal Degating removes the gate remaining on an injection molded part. This is accomplished by slicing the gate with a heated knife.
  • Key Benefits
  • Examples
1. Multiple gates removed simultaneously
2. Simple and reliable construction
3. Eliminate ergonomic hazards associated with manually clipping gates
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