Our Services

Engineering & Design

Engineering support on secondary processes from product inception to product launch! Equipment and process needs are identified and designed to meet customer specifications and requirements.
Our process from product inception to product launch
Customer Input & Timelines
Design Reviews & Approvals
Equipment Build & Startup
Machine Approval & Follow Up

Graphics & Decor

We can assist you in the selection of your equipment provider or integrate the equipment into a "TurnKey" system, and tooling/ fixtures can be provided direct.

We Have the Answers

Pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer or silk screening: no matter what your graphics needs are, TurnKey can help.

Careful Design Consideration

Selection of equipment pads, clichés, inks, artwork substrates and primary substrates must all be integrated to be successful. Our involvement and expertise can reduce this startup window.

Paint & Prototyping

Whether you have an existing manual, semi-automatic, fully automated system, or are considering designing and/or starting a painting operation, TurnKey can assist. Consulting includes detailed evaluations providing solid recommendations and solutions.
Key paint & prototype offerings to enhance & strealine your process

Paint Sample & Prototyping

We can test your coatings & provide critical feedback regarding technical data such as ease of application, processing data and other key parameters.

Workflow & Process Efficiency

Based on your objectives, results can include enhanced work flow, improvements in processes & auotmation, efficiencies, and overall finishing operations.

Reject & Scrap Reduction

We provide assistance in identifying, and can recommend, coatings tailor fit to your customer's specifications and requirements while reducing waste.

Workflow & Analysis

TurnKey can observe and evaluate existing workflow processes and how these current processes take place. During this evalutaion we will define and document the entire process. We can provide recommendations for process improvement that identifies bottlenecks and improves efficiencies. We can provide solutions that provide results. We tailor recommendations that fit the needs of your business.
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