Laser Enclosures

Enclosure options built to meet your unique business needs
Turnkey provides a range of laser enclosure options, and is capable of building custom laser enclosures. These enclosures allow for a safe working environment for the operator while processing. These enclosures can be used in conjunction with a range of Keyence laser markers. Our enclosures are FDA compliant and have class 1 rating.  

We have streamlined our process to provide you with our Laser Enclosures in a simplified and effective manner. We look forward to being your partner of choice.

Select Enclosure

  • SLE14A Enclosure
  • MLE16A Enclosure

Additional Features

Automatic Door:
Allows operators to begin the process with a single button; as the process continues, the door will automatically close, laser mark, and automatically opens awaiting the next cycle.
Intelligent Automated Z-Axis:
(SLE14A Only) Operator controlled through an HMI by selecting the desired height/recipe and pressing the start button. This includes a PLC and a linear position sensor to identify location.
Integrated Laser Marker:
(SLE14A Only) Turnkey will fully integrate your Keyence Laser into the Enclosure System at our facility prior to shipping, delivering a complete and fully functional enclosure ready for use.
Rotational Indexer:
(SLE14A Only) Device that is capable of holding a work piece up to 3” diameter and is operator controlled through an HMI for establishing index moves and recipes to include CNC Rotary Table, 3-Jaw Chuck and Tilting Angel Plates.
Tooling Plate:
(MLE16A Only) 10” x 10” plate with ¼-20 tapped holes for mounting placed 1” on centers with 4 standoffs with length.

Cart Add-On

Compact Cart
27" x 40" welded steel machine tables with leveling casters, removable closeout panels on 3 sides, sliding shelf for holding a laptop PC and a lower shelf that can hold the laser controller and fume extractor.
Standard Cart
40" x 50" welded steel machine tables with leveling casters and a lower shelf that can hold the laser controller and fume extractor. Larger tables available upon request.

Fumex Add-On

Fumex Mini
Fume Extraction System "Mini".
Larger Fumex
Fume Extraction System with larger and improved filter system.

Start a Conversation

Turnkey Technologies offers the ability to create custom quotes for laser enclosures upon request. 
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