Augmented human inspection for improved quality assurance


TurnKey Technologies can provide stand-alone vision systems, integrated systems with existing equipment, or integration with new equipment.
Human based 100% inspection is ineffective, as is human based 300% inspection. Presence/ absence of components utilizing fiber optics, proximity switches, vision, ohms readings or mechanical switches can be performed and integrated into a system that approves or rejects the part. Rejected parts can be captured by the fixture and released only upon acknowledgement from the operator that the problem will be remedied. Quite often these features can be integrated into a machine that is performing other functions.


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Overall Quality Control
Our quality control machinery will assist in recognition of component orientation, as well as the presence or absence of machine components.
Graphic Quality and Locator
Paired with a part verification or an automated packaging application, your machine is capable of identifying discrepancies for side-by-side cooperation with employees.
Critical Dimension Measurement
By augmenting quality assurance with an automated solution, consistency and accuracy become a normal operation supported be human intervention where needed.
Stand-Alone Vision System (Shown Above)
50+ items verified under one second.
1. Part is loaded into machine
2. Part is shuttled into the sealed container
3. Appropriate lighting is applied
4. Components are verified
5. Mimic board displays an LED when a component is missing
6. If a component is missing, the operator must press red button to release part
7. Part will shuttle out
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