Hot Air/ Cold Stake

Custom built, versatile applications for your business

HACS Overview

Hot Air Cold Stake is a process used to reform a polymer part with heat to retain a second part. This procedure uses hot air directly controlled on specific geometry to ensure it will be malleable. Then a custom designed tooling will be pressed into the warm polymer and press and mold the parts as desired. This procedure is often used to reduce flaws in the Thermal Staking process.

The Process

Parts 1 & 2 are nested and then shuttled into position under the manifold.
The manifold is then lowered to engage the nested parts.
Heated air enters the manifold and is directed over the plastic studs on part 2, thus softening the studs.
Stakes are lowered to the softened studs and remain until the studs have cooled enough to retain their new form .          
The manifold and stakes are then lifted to allow the parts, which are now permanently fastened, to be shuttled back out toward the operator.

Key Components

As each machine is custom built, the process is extremely versatile. It can stake, fold, form or crimp virtually any application in thermoformed plastics. With proper planning the resultant stud shapes can be domed, rosette or knurled.

Resultant Weld

Volume calculations of the pre-staked stud are made. This volume is then transferred into new geometry to the cold stake head. Larger studs having a hollow core can also be processed. The HACS process can be safely used on applications with shielded, plated or metalized surface coatings.
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