Turnkey Technologies, Inc.
Our ability to produce exceptional equipment is derived from having a well-trained, experienced staff.
Drake Bowers, Electrical Engineer
Electricity is always going to be here. And it's how we  bring these machines to life. 
Tony Ward, President
If you're going to survive in America, you almost have to automate in a manufacturing environment.
Sharon Nesbitt, Office Manager
I love this company. Management is great to work for. We have a wonderful group of people here.
Paul Galvin, VP Manufacturing & Service
We've got to build it, and then bring that machine to life, make it run and breathe. It's very exciting.
Mitch Lesslie, Mechanical Engineer
We work with a lot of interesting products such as lasers and robots. You just never know what you're going to get into.
Michael Brusich, VP Engineering
We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining positive relationships with our customers.
Mark Nichols, Engineer - Project Manager
It feels good to see people using our machines. It's really satisfying to know that we designed them.
Kevin Frey, Purchasing Agent
The relationships we have with machine shops are a pretty big deal. I do pride myself on that.
Denny Giddings, Machine Builder
You have to be well rounded in a manufacturing environment. You never know what might be thrown your way.
Charles Lamb, Production Manager
I like it. You never do the same thing twice. It's always something different going on.
Strategically located in Salisbury, North Carolina, we're prepared to meet your needs.
Our extensive portfolio of past projects provides you with confidence on job delivery.
Our projects are executed by experienced and  highly trained engineering professionals.
Air conditioned and outfitted with offices, manufacturing, assembly and dedicated lab space.
Our Story

The crossover between engineering and innovation

Our experience includes automation in the Automotive, Medical, Computer, Agricultural, Material Handling, Packaging, Industrial and Consumer markets. With a background inclusive of Injection, Thermo Forming, Compression, Extrusion, Blow Molding and the Rotary Molding Industries we have extensive experience in automating parts/processes for your secondary needs including the Assembly, Machining, Painting, Decorating, Inspection and Material Handling of various parts produced in the Plastics Industry.

Through our OEM status we have produced hundreds of machines that are in use all over the world, for many different molders, in many different industries. 

Quality, without Question

The electrical design, panel building, field wiring and programming are all done in conjunction with the mechanical build as well as the procurement of any purchased components. Once each machine is built, it is thoroughly adjusted and tested prior to holding an in-house sign-off with the customer present.
Lets start a conversation! Let us know about your unique needs or schedule a time for us to call back.
Our Partners

What to Expect

Since inception, we have been fortunate to become an OEM for the largest plastic joining company in the world and have become firmly entrenched with the local plastics molding market. This, in conjunction with our quality controlled approach to business, allows for a smooth transition from machine concept to production.
Each project will be assigned a Project Engineer who will interface with the customer and control all facets of the machine design and fabrication from start to finish. A Gantt Chart will be created for every project and used to control the timing of all aspects of each project.
Our Process

How We Execute

We design all of our equipment in the 3D CAD package Solidworks. Through design reviews, all aspects of the design can be evaluated by the customer and changes can be made before the fabrication of any components. Once all the components have been produced, the parts have been checked and all the appropriate coatings have been applied, the assembly process begins.
Customer Input & Timelines
Personalized needs and workflow analysis for concept build.
Design Review & Approval
Streamlined adjustments and time efficient feedback loop.
Equipment Build & Startup
Execution through our approved vendor list for quality assurance.
Approval & Follow-Up
Meticulous assembly under strict quality assurance and regulation.
Flexibility. Communication. Experience. Support.
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